See No, Hear No, Speak No: UFOs, Conspiracies, and Murder

A show where two guys with absolutely zero authority to do so, talk about the unexplained, the very explained and the not quite totally explainable. In a way that will almost certainly convince you that you’re not listening to two dudes with far reaching interest in the occult, alien abductions, true crime and all the things crazy people want you to think is true but probably isn’t, speculating wildly.

Japan finally gets some comeuppance this episode. Some. We can't be gift horse mouth lookers after all!

Tim McLean

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Hi. Don't hate us for this one.

Stop Copying Me!

We're back! And front and side side!

Happy Halloween!

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Chris decided that he needed to take this Halloween of for sanity sake. I on the other hand decided to drag more of the youth of America down to the depraved depths of hell along with me! Happy Halloween!


Finally! The conclusion of the Helen Dunken story. This one is more to do with war time England and the absurdity that was the entire Helen Dunken trial and how it brought about a new way of thinking and dealing with bullshitters! Halloween joke inserted here! BOOM!

The triumphant return of the Witch with the most itch, Helen Duncan!I swear I totally almost typed Helen Mirren. Whew.....Bullet dodged! Welcome to the 2nd of hopefully, too many for me to handle, Halloween episodes. Lets listen in and wonder about the connection between speaking/making fun of early 20th century witches/spiritualists, and a full fledged attack by mosquitoes in the middle of October!

2 years on and Chris is still a champ for not sending hit men to wack me off and end the frustration. This episode is mostly about a Scottish witch that could leak ghosts from her holes. I probably should have paid more attention!

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