See No, Hear No, Speak No: UFOs, Conspiracies, and Murder

A show where two guys with absolutely zero authority to do so, talk about the unexplained, the very explained and the not quite totally explainable. In a way that will almost certainly convince you that you’re not listening to two dudes with far reaching interest in the occult, alien abductions, true crime and all the things crazy people want you to think is true but probably isn’t, speculating wildly.

This one's all about the BRC. What's the BRC you ask? Let's just say that every one that called me an asshole for not wanting to donate my body to science after my death are the real assholes! Plus, fridges full of penises!

It's so insanely difficult to type down a summary for this episode with all these tears welling up in my eyes.

The conclusion of the Blue Beard of Gambais. Will it end happily ever after? Does it ever on this plight of a podcast?

We had some pretty severe technical difficulties bringing you the second episode of the Bluebeard of Gambais. So while you beautiful people wait for a new recording to happen, James and I figured that we could bring you the story of the man's namesake.

France! We come from France! So does this weeks piece of trash. BOP IT!

James and I wax somewhat philosophical on the history, and mindspace there in, of the ritual act of honor bound suicide praticed by the samurai class

On this episode we talk all about the Gosford Gliphs. We also have a special guest! See if you can find him within all the nonsense!

We talk about all kinds of cool space nonsense on this show. Along with some special guests, Chris is also live in house!

A funny thing happened on the way to a guilty plea. That thing? A guilty plea refused by the very judge who asked "how do you plead?". Weird huh?

Here's nuber 2 for ol Mr Mullin. What will he be getting up to this week? What mysterious mistery is left to be uncovered???

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