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This is ultimately a tale of terrible malpractice. Also of ignorance. And that's only kinda due to the three of us!

Hey we gave it a shot!

An Unwanted Reunion

Warning now, don't say I didn't give you one! This episode contains extremely difficult to hear details of extremely violent rape and torture. If those things bother you, I'll just...

We got thrills! Chills! Kidnapping! Genital Removal! So g! Dance! Deal with it!

Happy Halloween! Murder most most foul and wear house fires!

Poe shot number 2! The Tell-Tail Heart. GUILTY I SAYS!

We All Wear Masques

Its Fucking Classic American Literature You Classless Dicks! 


Hi. How are you? Im fine. A litttle sleepy maybe. Think I might listen to this new episode of snhnsn. You should probably get out of here. Im takin my pants off. Fine stick around....

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